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SOMO - Add/Edit SAXS Atomic Coefficients Lookup Table Module:

Last updated: February 2021

SOMO Add/Edit SAXS Coefficients Lookup Table SCREEN

In this module, you can edit the atomic SAXS coefficients table. For each atom, the scattering factor can be approximated by a sum of either four or five Gaussians, requiring eight or ten coefficients, respectively, and a constant term. Since the five term Gaussians are not available for all atoms, we have maintained both sets of coefficients in this Table. Users can then choose which ones to apply in the US-SOMO SAS Miscellaneous Options module. The 4 term Gaussians values in the somo.saxs_atoms table are taken from the International Tables of Crystallography, while the 5 terms are from Waasmaier and Kirfel, Acta Cryst. A51:416-431, 1991; Yonekura et al., IUCrJ 5:348-353, 2018. Both sets can be edited at will.

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Last modified on February 27, 2021.