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SOMO - Add/Edit Atom Lookup Table Module:

Last updated: September 2020

SOMO Add/Edit Atom Lookup Table SCREEN

In this module, you can edit the atom table, where the atomic groups present in PDB files need to be defined and their parameters (molecular weight and radius) loaded from the hybridization table. In addition, for SAXS simulation this table is also linked to the SAXS coefficients table, and the excluded volume for each atomic group is defined in alternative to that of the bare non-hydrogen atom taken from the SAXS coefficient table. Load the hybridization file first, then the atom file if one exists, and then the SAXS coefficients file. Add new atoms to it by filling out the fields and clicking on Add Atom to File. You can also delete an atom (Delete Atom) from the file.

After editing is completed, the updated table can be saved by clicking on "Add Atom to File".

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Last modified on September 8, 2020.