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US-SOMO - Cluster Check job status/Retrieve results module

SOMO Cluster Check/Retrieval Module

The available jobs are listed in the upper window (Cluster job status:) of this module, with their Name, Status (INITIALIZING, PENDING, b>SUBMITTED, ACTIVE, RUNNING or COMPLETED), cluster operating with www address (Additional info), and Date created. The operation(s) status can be re-checked by pressing the Refresh status button. Pending and running job(s) can be selected by clicking on them, and the Cancel selected jobs will then become available, allowing the interruption of the selected jobs.

SOMO Cluster Check/Retrieval Module 2

When one or more jobs have been completed, they can be selected by clicking on them, and can be retrieved by pressing the Retrieve selected results button. Alternatively, all the available results can be retrieved at once by pressing the Retrieve all available results button.

SOMO Cluster Check/Retrieval Module 3

The retrieval progress is monitored in the bottom window. When all the results have been retrieved, a warning pop-up window will show up, as shown above.

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Last modified on April 18, 2011.