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US-SOMO - Cluster Extract Results module

SOMO Cluster Extract Results Module

The retrieved jobs are listed in the upper window (Available results:) of this module, with their Name, Date created, and Size. Jobs can be selected by individually clicking on their name, or they can be all selected by pressing the Select all button. Selected jobs can be either removed from the system by pressing the Purge results button, or the results can be extracted by pressing the Extract results button.

SOMO Cluster Extract Results Module 1

The extraction progress is reported in the bottom window, and once a job extraction has been completed, a pop-up warning panel appears asking "Do you want to purge these job results?" (see above). This option was inserted to allow checking the results before removing the job from the system. Jobs can be anyway removed later using the Purge results button.

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Last modified on March 16, 2012