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SOMO - Add/Edit Hybridization Lookup Table Module:

Last updated: September 2020

SOMO Add/Edit Hybridization Lookup Table SCREEN

In this file you need to list all hybridizations (as defined in Tsai et al., J. Mol. Biol. 290:253-266, 1999) that will be used for the definitions of all atoms. Each hybridization requires a name, a molecular weight (given by the sum of the mw of the atom being defined plus that of the hydrogen atoms bound to it) and a radius (in Angstrom units). In addition, the neutron scattering length in H2O, the number of exchangeable protons, and the total number of electrons are entered in this module, because they are needed by the SAXS/SANS simulator module. Load the hybridization file first if one exists, and then the SAXS Coefficients File. This is required because the hybridization table contains also the atom identifiers linking each atom type to its X-ray scattering coefficients.

After editing is completed, the updated table can be saved by clicking on "Add Hybridization to File"

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