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SOMO HPLC-SAXS Module Concentration Detector Selection:

Last updated: October 2013

SOMO HPLC-SAXS Concentration Detector panel

This utlity will allow to select the type of detector and to enter its calibration constant. Two types of concentration detector are currently supported, UV and refractive index. The used detector can be selected by clicking on either of the two Detector type: checkboxes and entering the calibration constant converting their signal in the proper units (absorbance or dn/dc) in the fields to their right:

UV Calibration constant:

RI Calibration constant:

Quit will abort the operation.

Save will permanently associate the type of detector to the HPLC-SAXS module (it can be changed by re-accessing the Concentration detector module and chosing again, followed by Save).

Keep will temporarily associate the type of detector to the HPLC-SAXS module.

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Last modified on October 18, 2013.