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HPLC-SAXS Concentration CSV in Time to Frames conversion

Last updated: May 2018


Concentration load is used to upload any chromatographic data files containing a concentration-related elution profile, as described in the main HPLC-SAXS documentation. This window comes up when you load a CSV file in the expected format (see Details below). The purpose of this window is to convert these time vs absorbance data into concentration curves of Frame number vs absorbance.


The format of the CSV file is currently based upon the data produced from the SWING beamline of the SOLEIL Synchrotron. (Please contact us if you encounter a different format you would like to use.) The file is in a white-space separated format with the first header row containing "# Time" and then a series of wavelengths. For example: "# Time 280 260 214 290 305 410 530 550". Then subsequent rows contain the sequence number starting at 1, the Time in minutes, followed by the absorbance at the specified wavelengths. A sample 1st line could be: "1 0.005 -0.0353 -0.0289 -0.2063 -0.0615 -0.0572 -0.0410 -0.0379 -0.0381". To convert the data from Time to Frames, we need a position in minutes to identify the first Frame and also the Frame length.

The window will appear as follows:
Image of HPLC-SAXS: Concentration CSV Time -> Frame conversion window

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