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SOMO HPLC-SAXS Module Make I(q):

Last updated: January 2018

SOMO HPLC-SAXS Make I(q) panel

This pop-up panel will appear when the Make I(q) button is pressed in the main HPLC-SAXS module.

Three main options are present in this panel:

If in computing the SD of the I(t) data zeros are produced, an additional line will be present in this panel, as shown above.

The extra line reads If zeros are produced when computing SDs: and then offers two options:

The third option was recently added (January 2018):

If a concentration chromatogram has been associated to the SAXS data, an additional series of options are presented:

It is also possible to back-generate an I(q) vs. q set without using the Gaussian decomposition by pressing the Make I(q) without Gaussians button.

For normal operation, once all fields/checkboxes have been properly set, pressing Continue will return to the main HPLC-SAXS window and start the make I(q) process.

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Last modified on January 5, 2018.