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SOMO SAXS Concentration, PSV and I(0) std. expt. Set/Modify Module:

Last updated: April 2016

SOMO SAS Guinier options set conc psv I0 std

In this module the files names of the SAXS data currently uploaded in the SAS module will be listed in separate lines. In the three successive columns the concentration (mg/ml), partial specific volume (PSV, ml/g), and the standard experimental I(0) (I0 standard expt., a.u.) are reported or can be entered if absent. A number of utilities is present for copying selected values (Copy values), pasting to either selected (Paste value to selected) or to all (Paste value to all), or to Reset to default values. Current values can be saved to the SAXS data file(s) (Save to file). Load will allow to retrieve previously saved data. Cancel will interrupt the current operation and close the module, while Save values will accept the changes and close the module.

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Last modified on April 18, 2016.